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Piper Blush Handjob - Sexy Nurse

Let me cure you back to health.

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The Art of Blowjob - Seventh Heaven Stewardess - Piper Blush Blowjob

She is leaving in a few hours. But this was all you had with her a few unforgettable hours. She travels the world but always comes back to you for a night or a day of unbelievably good oral sessions.

Her suitcases and bags are all packed; her flight leaves in 30 minutes. Good thing you meet at the airport’s hotel that gives you more time to enjoy each other company. She kisses you goodbye just before falling onto her knees.

You unleash your throbbing erection. As it meets the air stewardess hungry lips, she sucks on you like there’s no tomorrow. She pushes herself deeper on you. You slow her down and take control of your cock. You tease her, taunting her. She likes it and moans loudly. Cum bursts out of your hard cock, it flies over her head and the rest land onto her forehead, nose, and lips. You know how to make a good landing!

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Naughty School Girl

Piper is a naughty schoolgirl. She is always writing things in her diary and never paying attention to what the teacher says. This time she has been asked to stay after school. It is her punishment for always being such a brat.

The teacher grabs her by one of her pigtails to pull her closer to him. Piper seems surprised but nothing she wasn’t already asking for. She loves it when her favorite teacher keeps her after school because she has him all to herself.

Her delicate fingers undress his bulging erection. Thru her glasses, her eyes become bigger, as she realises how big his desires for her are. Piper kisses the length in front of her. She touches her white panties under her little plaid skirt. The high rise socks keep her warm under her small desk. She swallows you deeper. She wants to be forgiven. Its time for the teacher’s last lesson, he bursts onto her pink lips. She licks the cum from her mouth.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - A Hot Summer Compilation

You have been waiting for this special video since leaves have started to fall. To your request, it’s finally here. A collection of the most erotic moments of’s summer 2017!

You desires are Piper’s orders in this very hot compilation. She is restless for your cock, wanting you to cover her face with as much cum as you possibly can. Go again and again until you can’t bear it anymore, because you know she is only insatiable for the taste of your throbbing shaft. For the way, she feels you penetrate her drooling mouth makes her wet.

She needs you to be satisfied for her to be able to climax. Give her want she wants.

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The Art of Blowjob - Dreaming Of A Cowgirl - Piper Blush Blowjob

Every cowboy as dreamt of possessing the beautiful cowgirl next door. Her name is Piper Blush; she wears very short blue jeans, a plaid shirt that is always tied to the form and of course some suede booties. It might be cliché, but she’s hot as the Arizona desert. She invites you to her country house for a snack. As she unties your jeans to unveil your unshaved cock she knows what she’s in for… Your cock between her pink lips reaches erection fast. She plunges deeper onto you. Her big blue eyes are starving for more attention. She unties her shirt. It unfolds on both sides of her big and perky breasts.

You tame her with her hair. She guides you towards pleasure. You reach the point of no return. She tastes your cum on her tongue and swallows the first burst. The rest of it lands on her chin before falling over her boobs.

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The Art of Blowjob - Fingering her pussy while she sucks - Piper Blush Blowjob

Piper lays on her back naked. No music is needed, only the beautiful sounds of her moans of pleasure. Her thighs are fully open and in the crease her pink softness listeners with an immense hunger for your touch. Her throat so wet lets you slide in and out with an ease you wish she hadn’t.

Nothing excites you more than to see feels her deep moans on the length of your hardening cock. She reacts to the every movement of your fingers on her wet clit. She moves below you, her whole body trembling from pleasure. Her mouth is filled with your girth.

The more she enjoys it, the more you enjoy it! Every stroke brings you closer to the edge. That point where you can’t go back the pleasure is just too great to control. In a glorious facial you spread your cum all over her face.

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The Art of Blowjob - That's 70's Blow Action - Piper Blush Blowjob

Piper tries to replicate the 70’s look in this desire filled blowjob video. Thru her yellow aviator glasses, she gives you seductive glances. The pleasure builds up as her hand squeezes you high. The length of your shaft unveils before her pink lips. The sweet melody of her moans finds a way to excite you to a throbbing erection.

The brown wavy hair falls on her left side, leaving you with a full view. Her tongue escaped caressing your stretched frenulum. She licks and sucks. Her so sensual feminine voice asks for you to cover her glasses in your sperm. How could you not want to please the reason of your presently large predicament?

The wetness of your cock makes her pussy tighten. You can feel her legs slowly wrapping around yours. She delicately swirls her waist on you. Her nipples, hard as diamonds, brush onto your thighs. She cups her breast and pinches her titt for you to enjoy. Her mouth open wide she waits for your climax. Your cum bursts out to reach her beautiful face.

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The Art of Blowjob - Bad Teacher - Piper Blush Blowjob

In this very sexy back to school feature Piper is the bad teacher of your dreams. The one you have fantasised about all of these years. She is the only teacher you want to fuck. Behind her glasses and provocateur clothes, she knows all too well how to seduce the men in her class room.

The bell rings. As you are leaving, she calls out your name. Recess is about to begin, but you much rather spend that time with her. Piper brings you into a small room filled with random things. You only have 5 minutes, and she knows it. The teacher undresses you, takes your cock in her hungry mouth. She moans of pleasure.

Her screams resonate onto your shaft. Someone might hear you. The see trueness of her shirt and the way she gives herself pleasure fondling her big breasts makes you grow even hard. In her wet throat, you slide further into the abyss. Her big blue eyes ask for it. You spurt all over her face, covering her large geeky glasses with the floods of your desires!

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The Art of Blowjob - Oily Cock Rubdown - Piper Blush

In this, behind the scenes of, there is no music. For the first time, Piper whispers naughty things in your ear. That seductive French accent of hers just about does the trick for you. Your cock becomes hard in moments. But that is not enough she wants you to grow between her lips. She loves to feel you reach full length inside of her.

While you close your eyes to enjoy the sensations fully, Piper pours a fresh liquid onto you throbbing shaft. It feels like a dream as she carefully rubs in all of the oil over your erection. Her skilled hands know where to push and to caress.

Her voice resonates deep in your mind. “Cum for me.” The most erotic thing you have ever heard say to you. You climax starts, you feel it in the clenching of your toes climbing your solid legs until your balls push it out of the crown of your cock and onto her fingers. She thanks you as she avidly licks the sperm off her delicate fingers.

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The Art of Blowjob - Homemade Vintage Erotica Look - Piper Blush Blowjob

Leap back in time with this new and artistically vintage looking erotic film. The hand held camera gives you the sense you are holding it, making yourself a homemade video to keep and to hold for later days. You turn it on as she dances seductively. You can hear her thoughts.

You capture her so very well. The wetness of her lips, the way her eyes sparkle at the sight of you, passing on every inch of her soft skin.

She stays calm, always looking into the camera while she takes you deep inside her throat. The eroticism of her finger squeezing her erect nipple make you spurt out precum. She waits for you to give in to the immense pleasure. She continues to work her hand and lips together. You feel the real eruption begin. Cum cascades down your cock; she savours it.

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The Art of Blowjob - White Gold Facial - Piper Blush Blowjob

I am nude below you. My knees rest on the pillow you laid down for me earlier. You place yourself in my mouth. I feel a warm tingle between my spread thighs. Your limpness is only temporary. The challenge is to make you as hard as I possibly can. While I rub my clit, the softness of your appendage caresses my tongue.

The throbbing of your cock resonates deep inside my throat. As you trust in me, I can’t help but moan. Your tip hits the furthest point. You pull out. Drool covers my chin to fall on my naked breasts. Your thick fingers grab my hair and hold them up to see my expressions of pleasure.

You stroke yourself while my hand brings me to climax. Your cock is plump, and know you are about to release your load. I open wide waiting for you to give me your seed. It spurts out on my lips than on my nose. I thank you for gracing me with a facial.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Eye Watering Deepthroat

It is only a handful of skillful women can take the male appendage all in at once and then stick their tongue out to give you that, it feels good look! Piper loves when you push yourself far down her throat. So far, she can’t breathe. To give up control is what turns her on, especially in the hands of a man like yourself. She looks into your eyes in this intense POV.

The sight of your hard cock makes her drool. She leans further into your thighs. Her eyes water as she shows you the depth of her love for you. You slap your cock on her wet lips. She moans even more for you. You place your balls on her chin rubbing them all over her dirty face. The naughty Piper starts licking and swiftly sucks. One of your balls is now in her mouth.

Piper waits for you to push her off. You take her bun between your fingers and make her blow you to your desires. With one hand you stroke yourself to a powerful climax that lands on her willing face. Pleasing her is not difficult, facials are her favorite. She catches and swallows your warm cum.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Cock Ring - His Pleasure

Here is a sex toy that is exclusively for men: the cock ring. Many use the little ring to please their female partners. It endeavors them with a more engorged member for a longer period. But we all need to be selfish from time to time. And Piper knows just when!

The long haired brunette brushes her pink lips onto your wimp shaft. She kisses and licks, while her piercing blue eyes reveal her excitement. You get hard so fast. Piper has to place the cock ring onto your shaft when it’s already erect. She slides it using both her hand and mouth in a delicious combination of senses. It is on tight!

The thickness of your now ringed cock surprises her. She seductively slides her brassiere off her shoulders letting you peek at the hardness of her tits. You can feel her desire. She needs your cock to touch her pale skin. As she reaches out to grab your length, you can see your many veins throbbing for release. And Piper knows it too. She leaves her mouth open for you to fill, pushing the cum out of your climax as she knows so well.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - TitJob Ecstasy

She blowjob is such an intimate act. But that is not all it is. It can also be so playfully sexy. And that is just what Piper intends to do. Get ready to get dirty!

Her beautiful blue eyes subdue you. Without a word, she takes off your pants, yet you know what she is thinking. Piper brings your soft cock to a hardness you never knew you could reach. Using her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers, she makes you edge. Between her warm lips, you find ecstasy.

She unties her blouse revealing her intimate nudity. Those two firm breasts are awaiting your cock. Her nipples harden as you slip in her cleavage. You pour oil all over her chest. Piper rubs it in. You thrust fast and hard almost reaching her mouth with your tip.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Office Day Dream

At work on a rainy Friday, everyone and everything is slow. You close your eyes to hear the raindrops against the window. That’s when she arrives. You sense her getting closer to you. You feel her warm cheeks brush against your crotch. Piper likes to lay there while you think.

As my head rests on you, I feel your manhood. Nothing pleasures me most then to now you want me. I unzip your pants unveiling what I was longing for all morning. I feel your humidity on my fingers. I tease myself not letting my mouth touch you. I use my fingers to make you grow closer to my lips. You become impatient and pull on my hair to make me obey.

I love it when you use me. It makes me even wetter, down there. I circle you with my tongue, but that’s not enough, you push me down. My throat expands to let you in deeper. You pull me back up, and thick saliva fills my mouth. I know you are making me wait. I swallow you as you throb harder. You pull me so I can see what I have done to you. Your cum flies in front of me. It lands all over you. That is when you open your eyes to realize it’s lunch time!

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Sexy in Jeans Blowjob

Here’s ‘Sexy in Jeans Blowjob 60fps’. This is the first version in 60 frames per second(fps), the second version of this video will be made available tomorrow in 24fps in our update section. Please make sure you compare both updates carefully and vote for YOUR favorite frame per second rate on our Twitter @TheArtofBlowjob

Nothing is sexier than a woman wearing tight jeans. Yes, you read right the first time. Naked is not as titillating as having to guess what those outrageous curves look like in the nude! But is it more life-like in 60fps? A good pair of denim leaves you with this urge to unbutton, unzip and pull down as fast lightning. Now combine those old fashion hi-rise blues with a crochet micro-bikini, and you have the most jaw-dropping combo!

I slip on my newly both crochet micro-bikini. You watch as I tie the knots. I get shy when you look at me that way, but I can’t help myself, it turns me on. You lay on your back while I place my hands on each side of you. On all fours, I have much better control. As I put my mouth on you, I feel the urge to taste you. I feel your cock harden under the pressure of lips. I go deeper with every new stroke, leaving you so wet that you slide further into my throat. Your fingers push aside the see-thru wool. Knowing your eyes are all over my body, it makes me tremble. Your balls cuddle up closer to your shaft as your legs clench under me. I guess that it is coming. I kiss your tip turning my hand on your length. Your juices flow out as you climax. I appreciate every drop of you!

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Please Master With A Fellatio

Beautiful women know how to show off their feminine sensuality. They master the art of the tease, making you desire them to a point you have to own them.

Piper’s inherent nature is that of a charming yet innocent young thing. She thrives on men longing to be close to her. In this week’s update, she has no inhibitions for her Master. He asks her to dance before him. She obeys, slowly moving her hips while the silky see-thru fabric reveals parts of her goddess-like body. As he sits to watch her, she understands it is time for her to kneel between his legs.

Her hand moves her curly hair aside. She presses her warm lips onto her Master’s soft cock. She satisfies his needs with her hungry tongue to make him hard. Every time she leans deeper on him, her nipples brush against his inner thighs. She moans louder with more envy. Cum spurts out of his tip covering her mouth. She licks it off as it keeps on flowing out. Nothing can stop her from pleasing her Master.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Wake Up Blowjob

They are the ones you did no ask to receive. They arrive when you less expect them too, that is why they are so memorable. The wake-up blowjob is real! And Piper loves to be your alarm clock on any day of the week.

I have to admit I prefer it when you sleep naked. I can feel you cock brush against my ass as I slowly regain consciousness from a great night of sleep. Knowing you are still dreaming I lower myself onto your body. Your soft cock brings many promises of pleasure. As I handle you to my preferences, you grow larger.

I feel you move under me. You pull on my hair. A few more wet strokes. It’s time to get you out of bed! Your balls tighten as I caress then while sucking. You pulling me down just confirms my thoughts, you are about to cum. I feel this warmness enveloping me. My pussy feels sore from excitement. You climax on my tongue with ease. How about coffee?

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Quickie BJ in the car!

Piper, decided to share with you something more personal and original for this update. I thought it would be fun to take you with me on an exciting little road adventure. The YouTube Vloggers inspired me to make this video. To stay faithful to the Vlog style the video was made with only an iPhone clipped on a handheld stabilizer.

I won’t say too much here because I am quite talkative in the video. So let’s go! But first, we should stop by Starbucks to get something for the road. Then it’s more driving until I arrive at the secret location… got to make sure no one is watching and there goes your belt!

I take your cock out. Place it between my lips. It feels so great to swallow you whole. I move up and down on your hard shaft. As I come up for air, I look around to be sure we are still alone. You throb on my tongue. I this moment when you are about to explode. I stroke the cum out of you into my mouth. It’s so thick and warm. It’s time to clean up and go!

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Miami Micro-Bikini BJ

During her time in Miami, Piper’s fair skin combined with her hourglass figure and tight belly was like a magnet attracting every man’s wandering eyes. Especially, has she walked out of the ocean all wet and dripping. She decided to slip back on her turquoise micro-bikini for you.

After all of the attention she received in South Beach, she can not help but feel excited. She needs to release all of her sexual desire. At your feet, she softly caresses the triangle between her thighs. Her hands find your cock rapidly. She strokes with such arousal that it erect in seconds.

Piper then opens her lips to taste you. Going deeper and deeper makes pussy clench rendering incredible sensations thruout her body. Her nipples become hard under her bikini. She pushes it aside to satisfy the urge to show you what you do to her. Her hands hold your hard shaft as she deepthroats you further. Her mouth waters all over as she comes up for air with a huge smile. She squeezes and twists, she wants it bad. Your load explodes onto her angelic face. Nothing makes her happier than to know you are pleased.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush Blowjob - More feeling Moore senses

The warm winds of the changing season brought us some new editing ideas for TheArtofBlowjob’s team. We put lots of care into the cinematic aspect of our videos thru lighting, editing, and direction. Our new dynamic way of filming places emphasis on titillating all of your senses, guiding your attention on the many wonders of the feminine beauty and what she feels during the art of blowjob.

This video is a reboot of an older video to let you compare how much editing can change the way you experience a blowjob video. Piper loves to explore your balls and cock with her fingers before she covers them with kisses. She teases your bulge thru the fabric of your boxers. As you focus on her wet lips, she takes her top off.

You feel her cold nipple ring on your thigh, so close to your shaft. Her tongue wonders on your frenulum. Her moans become more vocal as she takes you deeper. Her hands pull the cum out of your throbbing cock. You give in, letting the pleasurable sensations overwhelm you. You fall into the bliss of ejaculation.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush - Naked Ass Spanking BJ

Piper has those amazing hourglass curves. When she lays on her stomach in bed, all you can notice is that round backside sticking up. Her femme fatale ways make her coyly swirl it to arouse your mind. As she gets more titillated, she lets her guard down, showing you her deepest inclination: submissiveness. She wants you to claim her!

Piper knows you possess the power. She loves to feel your firm grip in her tangled hair controlling her movements. She moves her ass taunting you! A slap breaks the sensual noises of her moans. Her mouth screams of pleasure around your hard cock. On her butt appears a red mark. She asks for more. A second slap. Her huge smile betrays her.

It’s never far enough for her. She holds onto the mattress and pushes her head further. Only the feeling of her chin between your balls makes her take a pause. She soaks the sheets with all of her droolings. Her throat knows no limits. Piper opens wide, sticks her tongue out and waits for you to allow her to taste your cum.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush Handjob - Oily Cock Massage

Piper love to create a warm ambiance for the both of you to feel comfortable and relaxed. She is in a seductive mood. Her plump ass sticks up as she arranges the string of lights in the corner of the living room. She peeks behind her shoulder waiting for you to notice.

Piper lets you look at her naked body in the beautiful morning light. It excites her when you watch! She takes her time kissing your soft shaft everywhere. She doesn’t let you grow just yet. She takes you between her lips, and her skilled tongue plays with you. She licks your cock head with such genuine love. She drools as she feels you harden in her.

She takes out the bottle of oil and pours some into her hands. Piper rubs her fingers together making hot before she begins massaging your throbbing cock. The silkiness of the oil makes every touch more exhilarating. She takes her hand up to her erect nipple and spreads the slippery liquid all over her breast. It feels so amazing when she caresses herself. She takes your cock and strokes it around her nipple making you climax all over her shiny boob. Piper massages your cum on her skin so that you stay close to her for the rest of the day.

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The Art of Blowjob - Piper Blush Handjob and Blowjob - Luscious Licking

Piper has plenty of time on her hands on this delightful afternoon. She sits there, on the rug, with her breasts cuddled up in a tight bra. Her nipples are visible thru the white lace. She swirls her pigtails between her fingers. That innocent look appears on her face. She gets closer to your briefs.

Piper tries to get your attention. She gently strokes your thighs, always on the thin line of fabric. Her hands tease you for a few minutes. As she notices the bulge in your boxers growing bigger, she takes them off. Her lips are so wet with envy, and as she places them on your tip, you slide directly into the warmth of her mouth. She takes her bra off for your cock to touch her bare breasts.

Piper skillfully makes you edge with long licks and kisses. Your shaft throbs in her hands. It’s ready for release. She sticks her tongue out waiting to catch your delicious cum. She does not stop licking as your semen pours out.

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