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Dominatrix Annabelle - Wheel of Fortune! - Annabelle Tamsin Handjob

From breath-taking signature sounds of creaking leather, to the pleasurable moans echoing from within the dungeon walls. It’s just you, and I, and my husband, as I instruct you to open up wide, while I thrust that wonderful caged cock right into your mouth! Oh yes, I want you to feel the bulges from his cage, listen to him straining, as you lick the end of his knob, tasting his pre-cum, as it oozes out, causing a long spindly silk strand to dangle. Keep licking, sucking, tasting, devouring, while listening to my quintessential English voice encouraging you all the way. It’s utter tease and torment for the both of you, and I’m loving every moment of it. Putting you both through agonising prolonged pleasurable pain!
It’s painful while I tease you endlessly, building you both up for that almighty orgasm. I then tell you to stop wanking, while I slip on my meaty strap-on. This is where you will be told to thrust your cock into my husband’s mouth. Watch it glide in and out, sliding effortlessly. As I watch the shaft sinking deep, I hear you moaning, I can feel the intensity. My husband is bound tight to the wheel, lying horizontally for easy access, and my goodness, what a position for him to be in! It’s the wheel of fortune and I’m taking you both on a whirlwind ride, until finally I’m ready for you to take his thick HOT cream!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Sensually Hypnotic Erotica! - Annabelle Tamsin Handjobs

Submerging my slave’s mind into a semi conscious decadent world of erotic stimulation. My quintessential English voice seduces all his senses, his body begins to float, while his balls swell, and his muscle throbs forcefully. Hypnosis is a powerful therapy for creative mind play, it’s incredible, and I love being able to submerge my slave into a world of erotic debauchery. Never under estimate the power of the mind!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - The Stiletto Stalker! - Annabelle Tamsin Handjobs

As we sit in my gardens enjoying the summer sun, george opens up to a past memory, a memory that reveals his secret of being the stiletto boot stalker! While his boot stalking memories give him pleasurable feelings, he’s unaware that I’ve tied up his wrists, unzipped his denim pants and slipping out his very erect penis. Oh yes it just goes to show how powerful his childhood memories were and how they affect him today. WOW, I cannot express enough just how powerful this movie is!
My goodness george is in heaven as I wrap my leather gloved hands around his throat with fingers sinking deep into his mouth. My leather booted heels wank his very erect penis, giving him the most erotic and intense sensations!
It’s a stunning visual concoction of physical and mental foreplay before george explodes his cream like a bullet propelling at warp speed, establishing maximum velocity into orbit! A fantasy turned into reality, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - My kitti kat's got the Cream - Annabelle Tamsin Handjobs

I had invited my dear friend over for tea, and I wanted her to check out my maid! I wanted to test kitti’s skills to see whether she really was a suitable maid for serving my guests at dinner parties! Well, if ever I needed proof that she was indeed fit for the job, I had it right here! The perfect kitti kat, having her cream! It seemed almost a shame to spoil her beautifully applied make-up, but then she wouldn’t be the perfect slut without her lipstick being smudged, after devouring two meaty cocks! Oh yes, Lady Lola and I filled both her holes, giving her a thoroughly good spit-roasting!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Wax Indulgence - Annabelle Tamsin Handjobs

Greedy? Yes! Sadistic? Unbelievably! Erotic? Unquestionably! Dark foreboding lair, filled with large candles burning through this midnight hour. The warmth from the sizzling flickering flames can be felt, as I nestle up to my slave and indulge in one of my favourite pastime rituals! Piping HOT wax. Smothering his erect penis while he’s shackled and bound to my wooden bench. What is so conspicuous is the intensity of our session within a most atmospheric and moody dungeon. Enjoying and toying with my slave, using and abusing his body for my pleasure, while testing his boundaries! How long is he able to sustain the level of torment, before he fails to stop the inevitable? Does he have the stamina, can he resist this unbearable temptation, to explode? It’s a game of intense pain and pleasure rolled into one!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Queen of Cock Tease! - Annabelle Tamsin Handjobs

Protracted Bondage, it’s the most incredibly intense cock teasing foreplay I’ve put this slave through, while he is bound in my exquisite leather straight jacket, shackled to my 2 meter diameter wheel. My slave cannot move a muscle, other than the one between his thighs! WOW! How he didn’t pass out is all credit to him!

Not only was he wrapped in leather, shackled tight to my wheel, but his head was fully incased in my exquisite leather mask, blindfolded. The beauty of my wheel is having the ability to completely disorientate him, from a vertical position to being spun into a horizontal position, and then finally ending up with his head inches from the floor! Throughout his time with me, I had my cameras stratigically hidded to capture this entire session. And, WOW, I’m so pleased I did! What a blinding session it was, and one that I’m sure you’ll agree, would be most desirable to experience by so many of my slaves. It’s a most intense session of cock tease foreplay, before he finally exploded. I love putting my slaves through a most powerful session.

It’s a wonderful profession to be in, and it’s so fulfilling for me to know that I have made my slave’s experience a most memorable, and more importantly, an orgasmic one!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Autumnal Sleepover! - Annabelle Tamsin

Lady Annabelle has a pleasant surprise for george when she invites him back to her Manor for a sleep-over! But of course, things are not always what they seem, and george had quite a shock when I took him for an evening stroll around my grounds. Little did he realise just what that meant, until I told him to take a look at my new little hidyhole!

My gardens is surrounded by mature Horse Chestnut, Maple, Elm, Copper Beech, Sycamore and Pine trees. The fallen rustic leaves during autumn provides a beautiful covering for george while he slips into my leather body bag for the night. Of course, I do love to take care of my visitors, especially when they stay as my guest, so I did make sure his ears stayed warm by keeping them snug inside a leather hood.

Now, while george stayed cosy outside, I spent the night with hobson in my dungeon, and what a night, teasing and tormenting him, and don’t worry, I will provide more details of what happened with hobson very soon. Let’s just say, he also went through a most intense night! By the morning, I couldn’t wait to greet george for his feeding time, before finally releasing him from protracted bondage!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Cock Fur Erotica! - Annabelle Tamsin

For the real Fur Fetish enthusiasts, rubbing it in is the ultimate Fur Erotica torment!

While the night is young, I couldn’t help finding a willing slave to indulge in some Fur Fetish Erotica! WOW the pleasurable moans along with his throbbing phallus, were evident throughout. Switching from stroking his cock with my Fur up and down his shaft, beneath his swollen cum filled balls, to teasing with my succulent full breasts! WOW!

Beautiful deep cleavage, soft silky fur, scarlet satin blouse, crimson long fingernails. It’s the perfect erotic combination, to really get your juices flowing, and my word, just wait until you see what I have for you, you’ll be spurting your HOT cream in no time at all!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Day Dreaming at the Office! - Annabelle Tamsin

A boring day at the office turns into one very HOT afternoon! My thoughts become highly erotic before I burst onto the dance floor!

This is definitely one very intense HD Movie that is sure to get you HOT under your crisp white collar, and bulging between your thighs!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - A Medical for james! - Annabelle Tamsin

What do you desire? Doctor Annabelle gives her patient some urgent medical attention!
His poor little heart pumped, his pulse raced and time was ticking! The poor old goat didn’t have long before his body went into overdrive! The vicar shakes as his eyes focus on her saucy pvc uniform, or rather her juices assets! Will he make it through the next few minutes?

Doctor Annabelle performs some skillful moves, preventing him from going into cardiac arrest!
WOW, WOW, WOW! It’s a good job Doctor Annabelle was on call to save him!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Mother of Sadism! Queen of Seduction! Goddess of total Control! - Annabelle Tamsin

Lady of the Manor, Lady Annabelle, sweet Mother of Sadism, Queen of Seduction, Goddess of total Control over ALL HER slaves! This is one of many movies that will have you aching for more and more!

I am the drug that will keep you hooked for all eternity. Cum inside and you will never look back.

I want you, and you desire me.My infamous Kali’s teeth features in some of my movies, however, if you love this particular chastity device, then you really are in for a treat, as I will show you how one slave can take TWO Kali’s teeth together and YES his wonderful penis can take both their spiked jaws, wrapped around his turgid girth.

Watch how I tease and pleasure his penis for the ultimate Cream Soda Fountain!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Sizzling HOT Bondage in my Courtyard! - Annabelle Tamsin

My slave endures a most sizzling HOT Bondage session in my Courtyard!

A decadent journey of pure torment as I seduce my slave with my sexy Office attire, black nylon stockings, lacy lingerie and blue pin stripe dress! I’ve bound my slave in leather bondage right against my courtyard wall, creating a superb sun trap!

The HEAT is intense. My sexy body leaning over his. My full breasts smother is face! And his cock is clamped in my infamous Kali’s Teeth. A psychological battle begins, as he desperately tries to thwart the inevitable. Oh My Goddess! His body trembles as the iron teeth sink deeper into his erect shaft. No matter what he tries to think of, he cannot avoid reality. Being outside, exposed and vulnerable within my grounds, deep in the heart of the Kent countryside. He breaths in my sweet aroma, he feels my full breasts over
his face. My thighs brushing against his caged bitten cock! WOW!!!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Breast is BEST! - Annabelle Tamsin

Stunning visual Eroticism with Dominatrix Annabelle as she plays with her slave’s throbbing cock!

Most men fuelled with testosterone find woman with large juicy breasts a real turn on, and for those who truly crave and ache for my breasts, there is nothing I love more than to tease a large throbbing muscle with them.With a deep cleavage, there is plenty there for a cock to get a hard throbbing erection, and when it’s hobson, I love gripping his shaft, squeezing it tight, biting his knob and sinking my teeth and fingernails into his phallus!

WOW, just watch how I get carried away with it, my facial expressions, my lust to tease, and desire to torment is truly wonderful. The intensity and eroticism is almost too much to bear, until finally he’s given permission to release!

And, my dear Member, that’s why I, Dominatrix Annabelle say BREAST IS BEST!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Intense Bondage, Sounds & Electrics with Lady Annabelle!

WOW! Stunning footage of Lady Annabelle with her humble slave on the stretcher bench, indulging in a most intense round of cock arousing foreplay. Using her exquisite spiked leather gloves, she manipulates and strokes his throbbing cock. Lady Annabelle is adorned in a most breath-taking outfit, leather strappy bodice, with metal link strands, exposing her succulent breasts. Fernando Berlin thigh leather boots with lacy stocking tops exposed. Black leather bolero fits snug giving shape to her upper body. Her military cap is the piece to resistance enhancing her authoritarian persona! After a gentle and highly arousing round of finger foreplay, she unleashes her sadism with the violet wand. Increasing the voltage to orbiting heights for a sensational cock and ball recreation. The glass tubes display colourful sparks of electricity as it zaps her slaves swollen balls. His pulsating phallus remains intensely erect as she continues to feed the hair splitting shocks through his urethra. Lady Annabelle straddles his face to curb his high pitch squeal while continuing to blast bolts of eye watering electrical sparks up and down his very hard shaft. A momentary pause is given to her slave while she prepares him for a round of penetrating sounds. She fucks his urethra hard and fast with her leather gloved hand. Then placing the end of the sounds in her mouth between her teeth she continues fucking his cock. A spectacular piece caught on camera depicts Lady Annabelle at her very best, with her compelling sadistic smile throughout. She demonstrates so very naturally her utter enjoyment while playing with her slave’s cock and balls. This movie captures her essence of sadism, her creativity, and her artistry in a way that’s so delightful to watch!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - My Sailor Toy Boy endures a Hard and Cruel Marathon Wank! - Annabelle Tamsin

My sailor boy takes a triple dose of viagra, keeping his cock to stay painfully erect, while I sink my deliciously sharp crimson fingernails into his solid cock for one cruel marathon wank! My stunning fingernails pinch the tip of his helmet, squeezing out precum juice. My sailor toy boy’s swollen balls are bound tight in a leather parachute, encased with steel pins for extra grip! Oh how I love to squeeze the leather belt around his balls inflicting pain. Gagged and shackled he lays spread on his cabin bed, trying desperately to stay quiet while the cleaners are close by!

The deep hum of the ship’s engine purrs quietly, while I have my wicked way with my sailor. His nipples stand erect from the pinch of metal bars, clamped in place by a silver cone. He endures the most intensive hard and cruel marathon wank to his incredibly solid cock! He is in agony!

Will I release him???? Oh NOOOOO!!!!!!!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Office Seductress - In the Dungeon! (Part 3) - Annabelle Tamsin

Anthony’s interview continued in Lady Annabelle’s secret dungeon!

A dungeon hidden beneath the old oak floorboards in her manor home! A place only known to those who belong to Her inner circle! And what a surprise Anthony received, when he entered her candlelit lair full of BDSM paraphernalia!

The old fool thought he was taking a visit to the wine cellar, not realising what the next hour would bring! Shackled to a whipping bench, anthony endures a round of caning, ball crushing, fingernail clawing and ruined orgasm!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - An Office Affair taken to the Dungeon! - Annabelle Tamsin

A casual look at my diary, followed by a glance at the clock on the wall. Any minute now . . . ! Sure enough just as the clock struck one there came a pitiful knock on my door. My client has arrived. I welcome him in with a smile, and gesture to the leather chair. “Hello stephen, it’s lovely to meet you.” I offer my leather gloved hand. He responds attentively with a kiss. I perch on my desk and survey his body. Mmm . . . it’s a good start! “stephen, that’s a very lovely suit you’re wearing, with cuff-links, I like that.” Attention to detail will always impress me.

What can I do for you stephen? His disposition airs caution, with apprehension in his voice. He begins with a compliment, expressing his appreciation for my attire. Killer Louboutin stilettos, fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, tight leather pencil skirt, open button blouse! He crosses his legs and folds his arms, a sure sign of his reluctance to open up. “Don’t worry stephen, I won’t bite.” A momentary thought . . . well, I won’t bite just yet! Within 10 minutes, he’s unbuttoned his crisp white collar, and loosened his silk tie. Within 20 minutes I’m delving deep into his psyche and unlocking his deepest, darkest desires!!! Oh how the mind works!

Come with me stephen, into my candlelit Lair! He follows like a puppet on a string! I invite hobson to join me in the dungeon so he may demonstrate to my client what it’s like to be strapped to the St. Andrew’s Cross, under my commanding influence and sensual persona! My client is bound in a cage while I begin my decadent rituals of face slapping, spitting, tormenting, teasing, flogging to hobson’s nipples, ball busting, cock slapping, and biting!

Before, finally I wank his cock to spurt his thick cum all over my full breasts!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Cum Dine on Me, Alfresco Style!! - Annabelle Tamsin

A sumptuous concoction of tease and torment with my most humble slave, hobson! I love taking full advantage of hobson’s very erect penis, especially when it’s locked in chastity for long periods of time! In fact, the longer he waits, the heavier his balls, and the more bulging it becomes through the metal holes in his cage! A most painful position to be in! It’s the bitter, sweet of it all, pain verses pleasure! I take all the pleasure while hobson takes some of the pain. Well, with such a large penis, it’s only fair I reward him with my very own black strap-on! And, WOW, just listen to hobson loving every minute of it, sucking and licking while his cock is still squeezed tight in his coop!

His swollen, heavy balls hang pendulously. His cock is like a spring waiting to burst out of it’s cage! Until, finally, I release the lock, his cock erupts from within it’s confinement! Swish and SLAP, from the thwack of my leather gloved hand! A continued flow of slaps, followed by my crimson lips smiling, my jaw opens, my purley whites glisten! SNAP as my teeth sink into his bulbous head!

Such pleasures, such pain! Yet throughout it all, his cock remains intensely raised! That is why it gives me great pleasure to release him from the burden of his most heavyweight balls. Cum hobson, CUM! Cum dine on me, spurt your thick cream over my very large breasts! My leather gloved hands massage his aching phallus until he spurts his HOT load, expelling every last drop! Cum dine on me!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - The Rose & The Thorn!! - Annabelle Tamsin

Autumn has finally arrived, the dark menacing clouds fill the sky creating a sinister and foreboding feel to the afternoon! The grandfather clock chimes. My stiletto heels arouses the senses as I move effortlessly through the passageway, and into my Office! I slip off my fur coat and begin my decadent rituals of cock and ball tease . . . . Or am I???? Not all is what it seems! I remove my leather gloves, apply my crimson lipstick and smile. Oh I’m ready for you now, hobson! WOW what an afternoon! Sumptuous lingerie, killer stilettos, velvet opera gloves, ff nylon seamed stockings, Satin black corset, and silky suspenders! Dreamy, heavenly and Sexy! An image that grips hobson, making him desire and crave Lady Annabelle in his sleep and in his every waking hour! Oh how his cock aches for his Mistress! A decadent concoction of tease and torment for the entire afternoon, and long into the evening!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Careful What you wish for! - Annabelle Tamsin

As I sit in my chair taking a closer look at my strap-on, I cannot help but wonder, is it bigger than hobson’s aching phallus? I’ve just finished taking a call from a client in Singapore, who is intrigued with office role play, and is curious about my black strap-on. Why does it look so damn erotic? My Office has become a most comfortable and therapeutic room! In fact, I have been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from men wanting to know, what’s my secret? Perhaps it’s my hypnotic English voice, or my alluring and seductive perfume, or my incredibly figure hugging outfits, purposely designed to accentuate my curvaceous body! Or perhaps I just want to delve deep into ones mind! Mmm . . . it’s all of those things, and . . . . well, I’m not going to give it all away! My silky crimson lips glisten as I beam a smile. My smoky eyes lock onto hobson’s pressed trousers, almost as though I can see through to his caged cock! “Come here hobson”.

I grip hobson’s hair with my leather gloved hand and thrust his face onto my black strap-on. Now that’s erotic. Watching him taking the full length, sucking, licking and tasting it, just as though it’s a real meaty muscle waiting to spurt it’s heavy load right down his throat. I wonder, is my black strap-on bigger than hobson’s pulsating cock?

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Nighthawk Returns!! - Annabelle Tamsin

I love teasing and tormenting one’s cock, especially when they respond so very well while put under pressure! I have so many more movies to cum and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you would like to download this incredible movie, please do so for the right reasons. Please ensure you do not share these movies with a third party, do not upload the movie to rip sites, tube sites or share this movie with any other person who has not contributed towards the costs by becoming a member via the official route.

I am a very real supporter of serious professional Dommes who dedicate their time and money into providing quality fetish attire, including leather boots, shoes, latex, lingerie. As well as our expertise, wardrobe, locations, dungeons, etc., equestrian props, and the list really goes on! All that I have mentioned go a long way towards the high costs of producing quality movies for our enjoyment. Don’t be a hero and believe you are getting kudos from uploading our movies to other sites for the benefit of those who have not paid. The ones who do not pay, will never pay, and will thereby never appreciate the movies we’ve put together.

My message is in dedication to just some of my favourite Mistresses / professional Dommes! They are Lady Lola, Miss Hybrid, Mistress Eleise de Lacy, Stella Van Gant, Fetish Queen Heike, Madam Caramel, Mistress Sidonia Von Bork. Keep our movies safe, thank you!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Seventh Heaven! - Annabelle Tamsin

If you would like to now download the movie, please ensure you keep the movie in a safe place. Please ensure you do not upload it to rip sites, tube sites or share it with anyone. All of these movies are only for private viewing, and are exclusive to this site!

Thank you for your continue support and for your tremendous letters of appreciation for the movies provided on the site!

I continue to be overwhelmed with members writing to me, and it’s fantastic to read your letters. Please continue the support!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Office Seductress in the Bedroom! Part 2 - Annabelle Tamsin

Oh WOW that really got your juices flowing, I knew you couldn’t hold it in, that was some cum shot! Oh my goodness I absolutely loved riding his cock like my true stallion! But of course, that’s the thing, I can only ride a cock like that if it’s impressive enough! A big turgid cock will always do it for me!

Now I know you’ll be wanting to stow part 2 away for future enjoyment! If you would like to download this incredible movie, please do so for the right reasons. Please ensure you do not share these movies with a third party, do not upload the movie to rip sites, tube sites or share this movie with any other person who has not contributed towards the costs by becoming a member via the official route. Please continue to keep our movies safe, thank you for your tremendous support!

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Dominatrix Annabelle - Festive Cocky Orgasm! - Annabelle Tamsin

There is nothing quite like getting into the festive spirit with my eager to please slave! Adorned in SEXY fishnet bodice, fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings and killer stiletto heels will undoubtedly stir one’s muscle between one’s thighs. And this movie provides a stunning visual of cock teasing, seasonal frolics for you to feast your eyes over and spurt your HOT juices for me! I love to tease hobson, especially while his wrists are shackled tightly to my leather chair. I’ve definitely been in the festive spirit, with my decorative Christmas tree full of tinsel and candy canes, glittery red and white candles perch on the mantel above the fire place ready for some piping HOT wax play! Oh yes! Tormenting his muscle with my leather gloved hands, wanking it hard, spitting, slapping and squeezing it, while I sit on the arm of the leather chair, thrusting my juicy breasts into hobson’s face. I tease hobson’s mouth with my leather gloved hand,
and seduce him with my hypnotic voice, then SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, as I strike his face several times with my leather gloved hand, then WHOLLOP!

Haha, he wasn’t expecting that!!!
I grip his head with one hand thrusting his face into my full breasts, and wank his cock hard in the other hand bringing him ever so close to orgasm. Oh I love to hear him beg for release, as I continue to bring him to the edge and STOP! A few more SLAPS with my leather gloved hand, WHOLLOP again, and again!

I fluctuate from being rough with his cock to being ever so gentle, giving light loving strokes, bringing him close to the edge, as though he’s on the precipice, ready to explode, plunging deep into the abyss of orgasmic Utopia!

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Tiffany Watson Tina Hot Tina Kay Tjara Trillium TripleDBabe True Fit Tsubaki Katou Tsukushi Mamiya Uika Hoshikawa Valentina Nappi Vanessa Vanessa Cage Vanessa Vixon Velvet Veronica Veronica Avluv Veronika Veronika Charm Veruca James Vicki Chase Vickie Powell Vicky Vixxx Victoria Victoria Valente Violet Violet Monroe Violet Skye Vivien Bell Xev Bellringer Yasmin Scott Yui Kasugano Yui Kawagoe Yui Kyouno Yuka Shirayuki Zoe Rae Zoey Carter Zoey Holloway みおり舞 テラ マリ 三浦リン 加藤ツバキ 向井藍 如月ジュリ 小早川怜子 小林ちえ 川越ゆい 帆月なつめ 希咲あや 平澤エリ 星川ういか 春日野結衣 桃井桃 横山夏希 江波りゅう 沢本由紀恵 白雪結花 百合川さら 真琴りょう 真白愛梨 碧しの 篠岬ことみ 荒木まい 蒼井さくら 西乃絵奈 間宮つくし 香坂かれん 黒木歩