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Cum for Mommy - Bedtime Ritual: A glass of Milk and a Handjob From Mommy HD

I love being your mommy baby boy. Spending the last moments of the day together before you drift off to sleep.
And you know mommy loves to use her hand to make you cum. It’s an important part of my job to milk your penis of cum multiple times a day. And what better way to send you off to dream land than to get the last load of the day out?
It makes mommy jealous to think of anyone else ever doing this for you. I want you to be my little boy forever. That’s it, mommy can tell you’re getting close. Don’t hold back, make a big mess for me.
You’re mommy’s best boy. Only mommy can make you feel good like this. You’re going to be my little boy forever and ever, son. No one can ever replace your mommy. No one will ever love you like I do.

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Cum for Mommy - Taking Advantage of My Son's Trust HD

Mm, the best thing about little boys this age is they believe anything their mommy tells them. No matter how perverted.
My little guy has been having trouble going to sleep. I lied and told him his pediatrician wanted me to do certain…things to him to help him go nighty night.
I guess it’s fucked up for a mom to stroke her little boy’s cock. Even more so to greedily lick and tongue his cute little puckered asshole. I don’t care. I made him, I can do what I want to him.
Besides, he doesn’t know any better. Plus he enjoyed giving mommy the load of cum she was craving. Of course I told him it’s a secret. And that we’ll be doing this every night from now on.
Dr’s orders of course. 😉

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Cum for Mommy - Mommy Always Gives In: ToeJob to Head Pulsing Handjob HD

What do you need, baby boy, Mommy is reading. You want me to play with you? THAT was? Again?? I’ve already jerked you off a few times today.
Yes, I can see you’re hard again. You have so much cum for such a little boy. Well, ok, I guess just one more time today.
Mommy uses her long toes on you for a few minutes…maybe I can still read my book while just giving you a toejob?? But as usual I give in and have you sit on mommy’s lap. I know how much you love to get cuddled while I stroke your little boy cock.
When I feel you getting close I work the head of your cock, pulsing my hand around it until you spurt your cum in the air, ropes of it streaking you and my arm. Oh my, you really did need to cum again. But this is the last time today, I really mean it. Now, don’t look at mommy like that, you know I always give in to my baby boy…

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Cum for Mommy - Mommy Will Make It All Better With a HJ HD

My boy had a bad day and is feeling down. No worries, mommy knows how to fix it. 🙂
Nothing can make him forget about his worries more than sitting on mommy’s lap and having me stroke his cock. Today he needs lots of cuddles, affection and encouragement as I milk him. I know mommy’s best boy will shoot another load for me, even if it will be his third of the day.
I slow down a few times as he gets close; I want to make our special time together last a little bit longer. Finally, he whimpers and tenses, shooting multiple spurts of cum on his chest, on my hand… What a good boy. Mommy always makes it better. Continue to download →

Cum for Mommy - Forced by Mom to Cum Twice in a Row HD

I know you’re getting to that age where you want to go out with your friends and not spend time with me. You SAY you’re going out with your buddies but I bet you’re really going to meet up with one of those little sluts I see you texting. Why can’t you understand they’re no good for you? That no one will ever love you like I do.
Stop arguing that you’re just going to hang out with your buddies. You can go out but only when you do as I say. Get undressed. NOW.
Get those boxers off and sit on my lap. I’m going to jerk you off so you won’t be tempted by those high school whores. Good boy, you shot a big load for me but guess what? Mom isn’t stopping.
I’m going to keep going until you cum again. No, you can’t meet your friends until I milk another load out of you. Are you holding back on me? I can do this all day until you cum again. If you don’t cum soon I’ll force you to cum a third time. I’ll jerk you off til your cock is sore if that’s what it takes. I need to make sure you’re drained of cum so you won’t be tempted by those sluts. Mommy is the only woman you need in your life.

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Cum for Mommy - Mom Doesn't Care If Your Dick is Sore HD

It’s time for mommy to milk you for cum again. What do you mean, you don’t want me to? Your penis is sore? Well, I’m sorry when I say it’s time to get the cum out, it’s going to happen.
Stop fighting me. Stop trying to stop me from pulling off your underwear, mommy is bigger than you. I can easily overpower you and pull them off.
Yes, I see your poor penis is all red and irritated from mommy stroking it so much. I’m sorry but you still need to get it hard so I can get the cum out.
That’s it baby boy. I know it kinda hurts but mommy is going to make it feel good. That’s my good boy. Maybe mommy has been too rough on you. Why don’t I just use my tongue and mouth to finish you this time?
Mmm that’s mommy’s good little cum making toy, shoot it all in mommy’s mouth…

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Cum for Mommy - Bad Little Boys Get Spanked and Jerked Off HD

I’ve had enough of your misbehavior. You know what happens to little boys who won’t listen to their mommy.
Mommy puts you over my knee and smacks your little bottom. Such a sensitive baby, mom barely even spanks you and you’re saying it hurts. Let me pull your undies down for a few more smacks.
Now roll over. Lay on mommy’s lap. Get that penis hard. NOW. I’m serious, you need to get that penis hard; mommy needs to get the cum out. You know you’re so much better behaved once mommy’s had her way with you.
Are you fighting mommy? Are you trying not to cum? Mommy is going to stroke 20 times and I want you to cum. Ugh, I think you ARE fighting me. Well, have a few more smacks on your bottom.
Now be a good boy for me and cum. See, don’t you feel better? Everything’s always better when you obey mommy.

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Cum for Mommy - Mom Will Keep You From Fucking Sluts HD

What’s a used condom doing in your bathroom?? Have you been sneaking girls in here and fucking them?
I’m not going to have my son knocking up some high school slut. No, if you can’t control your sexual urges then there’s only one thing for a mother to do.
Let me pull your boxers off… If you’re so oversexed at this age, then I really have no choice except to relieve you I guess. Yes, mom is going to regularly suck and jerk you off. No, it isn’t weird, this is what I have to do to keep you from falling prey to all those girls your age.
You’re going to come to me every day and mommy will milk the cum out of you. In fact, I’m going to blow and jerk you as many times a day as it takes until you’re completely drained. It’s just what I have to do to be a good mom.
Cum for me like a good boy. See, I knew you had sooo much jizz in there, doesn’t it feel good to blow your load all over mommy?

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Cum for Mommy - If You're a Bad Boy, Mommy has to Punish You HD

Why are you all covered up on a warm night, baby boy? Uh, why are your undies off and what’s this???
Did you pee the bed AGAIN? This is the the third time this week. You’re old enough now that you shouldn’t be having so many accidents. And you definitely shouldn’t be lying to mommy about it.
When you’re bad, you know mommy has to punish you. So get that penis hard for me NOW. Mommy is going to stroke your penis until you cum. I’m sorry, you brought this on yourself. You had better cum for me if you know what’s good for you. And I’m not changing your sheets this time. You’re getting jerked off and have to sleep in your wet bed all night.
Let this be a lesson to you. You don’t want mommy to have to do it again, do you?

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Cum for Mommy - Mommy Needs Her Snack Hd

You know how mommy gets when she needs her special treat. No, I don’t want a donut.
Get undressed, go to mom’s bed and get into position. You know the drill by now.
Mommy’s gonna suck that cock until you give me what I want and need. Mm, I need it baby boy. Mommy’s so hungry for your cum. I’m gonna suck and milk your dick til all that creamy goodness cums out.
That’s it, I knew you had a load saved up for me like a good boy. Mommy’s little cum making machine…

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Cum for Mommy - Good Touch Bad Touch HD

You were so innocent when you were telling me all about what you learned in school today. All about “good touch” and “bad touch” and the dangers little boys like you can face. I guess it’s messed up but I started thinking about what it would be like to touch you down there. For mommy to stroke her little son’s cock, maybe even suck it. I know it’s wrong but just hearing you talk so seriously yet innocently about it made me want it even more.
Later I climb into bed next to you and start talking about it again. I remind you that you also talked about “private things” and how that means some things are a SECRET. Like what I’m going to do to you right now.
It’s so easy to convince you that what I’m doing to you is “good touch” and not bad. And no matter how young and innocent you are, it can’t be wrong, can it? Not when you’re enjoying it so much. And remember PRIVATE means SECRET so if you told your teacher or any other adult, they’d be very angry with you.
That’s it, baby boy, cum for me. See how good that felt? Remember it’s our little secret….

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Cum for Mommy - Mom Knows You've Been Fucking Your Sister HD

Don’t try to deny it. I found your very own sister’s panties buried in you sheets. Not only were they ripe with her pussy juices, they were crusty with your cum. Don’t lie to me. What have you two been doing?
I pull your boxers off and there it is. Your cock hard from me talking about it. So you’ve been doing it for months now? I’m going to interrogate you while I stroke your dick with her fragrant panties.
Does she come into your room at night and climb on top of you, sliding her tight, pink pussy onto your cock? She begs you for it. Tells you how much she needs you, her own brother to fuck her. You hold each other close as you cum deep in her spasming slit. Filling your own sister’s cunt with your seed….
That’s it, I want to see how hard you cum thinking about all the sweet, dirty things you two have done together. Let mommy wipe up all this cum with her panties. Don’t worry, I’ll leave them in your room. I’m sure you’ll use them later, breathing in her scent mixed with yours.

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Cum for Mommy - Brother Sister Playtime

When Mommy checks in on her two little munchkins playing, she’s surprised to see her young son with an obvious boner. “Does this happen a lot when you two are playing?”
When she finds out that playing with his little sister often gets his penis hard, Mom decides to teach these two a new game. Pulling off big brother’s little undies, she encourages his little sister to touch and then kiss the young boy’s erection. Fascinated and more than a little turned on, Mom shows her young daughter how to stroke her brother’s cock. Explaining that from now on whenever he gets a hard on, it will be sis’s job to help him with it. Both her offspring seem to really be enjoying this new game their perverted but loving mommy taught them. When big brother blows a huge load from his sister’s stroking, Mommy makes them promise that she gets to watch every time they play their new, secret game.

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Cum for Mommy - Your Friends Are Gonna Be So Jealous: Mom Gives Son Sloppy Blow Job HD

Sweetie, I have the camera running. I can’t wait for you to show this to your friends. They’re going to be sooo jealous. I know they wished they had a hot mom like me who sucked their cock. If fact I know they wished I would suck their cock.
But that’s never happening. Mommy’s mouth is only for you baby boy. Mmm, I love feeling you deep in my throat. God it drives me crazy to suck my own son’s dick, to gag on it, frothy spit drooling down my chin.
You’re the best son ever. Your friends wouldn’t last two minutes in my mouth before they came. But not my boy. You can hold out until I tell you I want you to cum, no matter how intensely I work your cock with my expert mouth. That’s why mommy is all yours, forever and ever. In fact I bet they cum in two minutes when they watch our little family movie we’re making today…
Baby boy, you’ve been so good. Mommy’s been sucking you for quite a while now and you’ve proved your endurance yet again. Now mommy wants it. Mom wants your thick, creamy cum. Shoot it all over mommy’s lips and face. Oh god what a huge load you made for me, right on command. My boy’s delicious cum…mommy can never get enough.
And isn’t it fun to know how jealous your friends are going to be?

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Cum for Mommy - Mommy Loves Rimming and Milking

A clean baby boy equals a very dirty Mommy….
Part of little Tommy’s bedtime routine is for mommy to check to make sure he got every part of him clean. He used the potty like a big boy so mommy needs to inspect him to make sure he did a good job of washing up. He climbs onto the bed with his bare ass in the air for me.
Mommy is happy to find his little boy hole is fresh and clean. So clean it makes mommy want to lick it. I spend lots of time licking and rimming little Tommy, even pushing my tongue into his hairy little asshole. Mmm, mommy loves the taste of baby boy’s ass.
Little Tommy submits to mommy’s perverted “secret game”, even when she occasionally slips a finger deep into his little boy hole.
And what’s this? Baby boy’s cock gets hard from mommy’s ass tonguing and fingering. What’s a mommy to do but to milk that dick while she licks his hole. Mommy likes to reward obedient boys. Mommy rims and licks and milks his cock until he finally blows his load in her hand.
Mommy shows off his yummy cum and then licks it up. What a good boy!
Are you ready for mommy to inspect you, baby boy? Would feeling my tongue in your ass make your cock get hard?

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Cum for Mommy - Taking My Son’s Anal Virginity

It’s Billy’s birthday and Mommy has special plans for him. After the balloons and birthday cake I give him a very special present. At first he’s confused but I explain that now that he’s getting bigger it’s time for him to learn to use a “big boy toy”. Of course he doesn’t understand what a buttplug is. I tell him it goes in his bum and that all little boys learn to use one. I love how innocent and naive he is. He’ll believe anything his loving, perverted mommy tells him.
I have him undress and get on all fours. I lick his delicious little hole and then lube it up. My finger easily slips inside with only a little effort. I slowly push my finger in and out as I praise him. Next I push the little butt plug in, slowly, slowly. It disappears inside his virgin ass. I put mommy’s “buzzy toy” against it and notice how hard his cock is. Baby boy likes mommy violating his ass.
He’s doing far better than I ever expected so I get out another toy. This one is rippled with increasingly bigger beads. I push that one in, letting him acclimate to each anal bead before pushing the next one inside. Mommy’s patience pays off as I get all but the very biggest inside!
He’s done such a good job tonight that I milk his cock with the plug still deep in his ass. I know my little boy has so much cum in him. 🙂 He cums all over the blanket and mommy’s hand, the spasms pushing the plug out. I spread the cum all over his newly stretched hole and lick up its creamy goodness.
Afterwards I show him mommy’s big metal buttplug and a dildo. I explain that now that he’s mommy’s big boy we’ll do this every night until he learns to take them too. I can’t wait to see my son take a big, thick dildo in his ass….
Happy birthday, baby boy.

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Cum for Mommy - Stroked to the Limit

Mommy loves to push little Billy to his very limits. To take control of his body and make him cum as many times as I want. Tonight I push him to blow load numbers 3 and 4 in quick succession with no downtime.
Even though I had already made Billy cum twice about an hour earlier, I wasn’t done with him. He loves sitting on my lap while mommy holds him close and jerks his cock. Like a good boy, Mommy’s handjob sends his cum spurting out for me to taste. Even though it was the third time he came, I don’t allow his cock to get soft. I have him sit on the bed while I suck out any trace of cum and then start stroking him again.
The second hand job takes a lot of verbal input from mommy. At times encouraging, other times stern, I let little Billy know that I expect him to cum yet again for me. Using both spit and lube, I work his cock relentlessly. “I’m sorry if your penis is going to be sore tomorrow but we have to get all the cum out. This is more important,” I tell him. I’m a firm believer that little boys are better behaved when their balls are drained of cum and as a good mommy I’ll do whatever it takes.
Finally he tenses and shudders, breathing hard as his fourth load of the night spurts out. He earned his praise from mommy but little does he know…. Now that I’ve made him cum four times in a session there’s only one thing to do. Next time mommy will want five….

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Cum for Mommy - Give Mommy a Facial

Time for bed, baby boy! You know we have to check and make sure there isn’t any cum in you before Mommy tucks you in.
Uh oh, look at how big and hard your cock is. You know what that means… You know Mommy has to get the cum out before I can let you go to sleep.
Now stand right there while Mommy jerks you off. Remember, i want you to shoot allll that cum all over Mommy’s face!
Mmm, good boy, look how messy you made mommy.

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Cum for Mommy - Mommy's Before School Milking

Ugh here I am arguing with Tommy AGAIN about going to school.
It’s the same thing every morning. He wants to stay home and sleep. He doesn’t see why he should have to go. What’s the point of going to school anyway?
And yet I can’t be too mad at him this morning. To tell the truth I wouldn’t mind if he stayed home with me today. I can’t help but notice what a handsome young man he’s grown to be and well, I did catch a glimpse of him changing last night through his half open bedroom door…
Is it bad that later I touched myself thinking about his lean young body and delicious looking cock? I guess a Mommy’s love is a very strange and powerful thing. I came so hard just imagining what it would be like…
So this morning instead of my usual threats to get him out the door I try something new. To be honest, sitting on his bed, being so close to him, my hand can’t help but wander to his cock, still half hard from his morning wood. Of course he’s surprised and unsure for a moment but his raging hormones means he doesn’t protest too much as I pull down the sheets and then his boxers.
His cock springs free and I can’t help but run my hands over it. “Does that feel good, baby boy?” I ask as I stroke it and he moans in response. “Oh yes, mama.” My hand strokes him over and over, coaxing him closer to the edge.
I tell him if he’s a good boy and goes to school without arguing, Mommy will start every day like this for him, a milking from mommy. I stroke his cock as he writhes and moans for me. “Oh mama, that feels so good.”
I know it does baby boy and Mommy loves when you finally jerk and shake and shoot your huge milky load for me. I’ll send you off to school now but little do you know how wet and aching mommy’s pussy is for you.

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