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BratPrincess - Edging Game for Chastity Slave - Astro Domina, Lola

Astro Has decided to play a edging game with her slave. The slave will be edged for 2 hours. When the slave is close to cumming he must ask her to stop. The male is helpless. Lola has another cow that is being trained in the punishment box. Lola teases that male throughout the entire clip. Every time he asks for her to stop he gets another day in chastity. If he cums during the edging each of the days are turned into weeks! If the slave wins he gets fucked in the ass by Astro with a strap on. The clip shows highlights from the full 2 hour edging with a timer in the back ground. Astro uses all of the slaves fetishes against him, piling up days and days of chastity. The slave is forced, edged, and teased for the entire clip. Lola looks stunning as well as she watches on and teases her slave as well.

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BratPrincess - Smothered Trampled and Teased Agony - Astro Domina, Lola

Astro and Lola are finished with a milking cow for the evening. He is all locked up back in chastity and is ready to spend the night in bondage in the toilet box. The girls decide to have some smother trample fun at the slave’s expense. The girls take turns standing and stomping on the slave’s chest while the other sits full weight on his face. The girls use a leash tied to his chastity tube, (normally used as transport control), to balance themselves as they stand on its top. Astro forces her foot into the slave’s mouth while Lola tickles the balls. She uses her stocking feet to tease the slave’s balls while Astro sits full weight on the slave’s face. Lola loves teasing the cow in chastity; she grinds herself onto the slave’s locked up cock and balls. Lola then decides to unlock the cow from chastity for an edging. The cow is surprised to find himself out of chastity. Lola expertly uses her hands to get the cow to an instant hard on. Astro then gives him a foot job while Lola sits on his face. After a few minutes of edging the girls decide to lock him back in chastity.

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BratPrincess - Cows Compete to Go On (Thinning the Herd) - Astro Domina, Ashlynn Taylor

This clip has been added to member site! Taylor is a young cow owner that is not to be played with. She owns two cows. Cow Romeo and Cow Echo. Taylor believes she can make more profit with one properly motivated cow then with 2 cows that are not motivated. Taylor announces a contest to the males. The first cow to cum will be put down. She means business. If the cow cums it must mean it thinks of its pleasure before her profit. Both cows Romeo and Echo are strapped to the milking benches. The teasing begins. Teaser and Guard Astro along with Taylor have a good time teasing the competing cows. They both taunt the cows that one of them is going to get it. The cows are so filled with cum it is nearly impossible to keep from coming. The girls tease the cows without mercy knowing that their teasing could cause their demise. Its funny. Eventually one of the cows gives in to the relentless teasing. Astro calmly gets up off the face of the cow and walks over and quickly puts down the cow. The remaining cow knows it better produce. Taylor is not a Brat Princess that should be messed with. It must produce for her to make her happy or else.

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BratPrincess - Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 3 - Cali Carter, Mia

Mia shows Cali how her cow will be teased to increase productivity. Mia sits on the cows face. Cali knows that facesitting is one of her former sugar daddys fetishes. It will help him produce valuable pre cum now that he is her cow. Cali wants to be assured that all the money earned by her cow will be direct deposited into her bank account, minus the teasers forty percent cut of course. Mia assures Cali that it will. Cows earnings are always direct deposited to their Princess accounts. Cali wants to encourage her cow to be a top earner. She warms its balls with her breath while Mia smothers him in her ass. The cow moans. His moaning is the sound of you making money! Mia remarks to Cali. The cow asks how much longer it will have to stay in the machine today. Cali reminds the cow that it will have to get used to long edging shifts. Being a cow is for the rest of his life! The new cow begs to cum. Mia reminds the cow that it will never cum. Just because its shift is done for the day doesnt mean it gets to cum. At the end of the shift the cow will have to go into its spiked chastity and rest. Cali and Mia put their feet up and relax. They use the cow to worship their feet. They remind the cow that all the Teasers are super-hot. This should really be a dream come true for him. I have to cum. I have to cum. Please. Please! The cow begs. Cali stifles her cows cries by putting her foot in its mouth. Pleases dont buy clothes. Pleases dont put Cali through college. Mia reminds the selfish cow. Cali leaves to see her boyfriend. She doesnt like to keep him waiting.

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BratPrincess - Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 2 - Cali Carter

Princess Cali has just signed a contract giving over control of her broke sugar dummy to the Brat Princess Laboratory. He is about to spend the rest of his stupid life as a cow. Every day, his balls will be drained of valuable pre cum to finance Calis college education. Cali has asked assessor, Mia, to leave the room and give her a chance to say goodbye. Do we have to do this? The cow pleads once they are alone. Of course! Cali replies. Cali inspects her cows bound balls. They look painful, but its cock is hard. Cali reminds the cow of their relationship. It has always been their arrangement that she gets off and he gets teased. Life as a cow is really no different. Besides, Cali knows that her cow loves making its Princess happy. Money is what Cali really wants. It will make her happy. Cali tells the cow that there is one more thing he can do for her before she sends him away. She wants to use him for her pleasure one more time. Cali straddles her former sugar daddys face. She starts to grind, slowly rocking her hips. Cali pulls her spandex leggings. She slides them over her legs. Cali sits back on its face and rides its tongue. She cums on his face as his balls are shocked and his orgasm denied. Cali wants to use her former sugar dummy one more time. Just one more cum. She uses him again. Yes Princess, Ill make you happy, it finally agrees.

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BratPrincess - Broke Sugar Daddy Milked for Profit Part 1 - Cali Carter, Mia

The Brat Princess Laboratory has sent a mobile unit to Calis apartment. Cali has interest in selling her broke sugar daddy to the laboratory as a cow. Mia has arrived, with the milking machine, to test the perspective cows productivity rates. Mia needs to determine if the cow will be a good candidate. So far, hes perfect. The former sugar dummy will make a great cow. He was a great sugar dummy, but then he lost his job. A broke sugar dummy is useless. Hell have to provide for Cali some other way. Cali teases her former sugar dummy. She wants him to perform really well on this test. He begs to be freed. He loves Cali, but hes not sure if he wants to be sold as a cow. Cali reminds him how lucky he is. He gets attention, her ass on his face, his cock stroked. Most guys would want that!!! The cow is by the edging. Its just too much for him. It begs to cum. Cali reminds him that the money he makes as a cow will put her through college. The cow doesnt think it can live being edged for five years. Cali smothers the cows cries in her perfect ass. Cali and Mia tease the cow with their feet. They want to make sure this cow can last. Cali is assured that once her cow is in the warehouse, it will be constantly teased. Mia wants to make sure that Calis cow is producing the maximum amount of pre cum possible. The cow begs to be allowed to cum sometimes. Cali says, No! She reminds the cow that its pre cum is very valuable. Cum has no value. She assures her former sugar dummy that he will eventually get used to his new life as a cow. Mia gives Cali a contract to sign, giving over control of the cow to the Teasers. Mia reads aloud from the document. Do you authorize use of full force ball kicks if the cow does not meet quota? Cali consents with an emphatic, Yes! Do you authorize full 24/7 chastity with spikes? Absolutely! I understand that my cow will be castrated if he does not meet quota for thirty days. Cali accepts the full terms.

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BratPrincess - Milking Machine Q and A with Demonstration - Goddess Amadahy

In this interview, Goddess Amadahy answers everything youve ever wanted to know about industrialized male milking. She even offers a demonstration of her work as teaser. She answers, What was the first milking like? Did the slave cooperate or make a fuss? Amadahy describes the particulars of incorporating the cow you see now into the machine. She recall the huge fuss he made when he was first introduced to his life as a cow. She talks a little bit about the daily schedule of a milking cow. The interviewer asks Amadahy to talk more about the male currently being milked. Whats his story? Amadahy relates that the cow on the bench was actually once a sugar dummy. He became useless as a sugar dummy when he lost his job, so he was hooked up to the machine. His pre-cum is now used as a source of cash revenue. The nice thing about this particular cow is that he has a lot of fetishes and sexual interests that can be . Amadahy talks about her role as teaser. Her job is to keep the male constantly sexually stimulated to increase its productivity. This one has produced almost three ounces on her shift! The interviewer asks Amadahy if the cows productivity has changed over time. Amadahy answers that most cows do become less productive over time. Its called the milking bench blues. Its most likely the result of constant anal electrocution combined with long periods of time away from their Princesses. Amadahy reiterates, again, that this is why her job is so important. Shes there to keep things fresh. The cow shouldnt be thinking about how long its been attached to the machine, it should be focused on the wants of its Princess and the beauty of its Teaser. The interviewer asks, What happens to a cow when its no longer profitable. Amadahy responds that most of the cows are castrated when they can no longer produce. The skin of the scrotum is actually quite useful for making small toiletry bags. Amadahy goes on to answer, What is a typical Princess/cow relationship? She describes a variety of types of relationships between Princesses and cows. They vary greatly depending upon the particulars of the Princess. She also reveals what cows are fed, and talks about some new innovations in the male milking industry. Amadahy even offers us a demonstration of her work as a teaser. This is seriously sexy must have clip!!!

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BratPrincess - Mean Teaser Abuses Cow and Sabotages its Shift - Sasha Foxxx

Sasha Foxx is an amazing teaser. But sometimes she gets cruel near the end of a cows shift. In this clip, Sasha abuses one of the more favorite cows among the teaser. All the girls love Andy! He is such a good cooperative cow. Sasha loves that she is alone with Andy and is at her mercy. Sasha teases Andy over and over. Then she starts using the harsh manual shocks on Andy. The manual shock button is meant for testing and obstinate cows. Cow Andy does not need the manual shocks. In fact when Sasha starts with the manual shocks its production plummets. Sasha laughs as the first of several powerful manual shocks are delivered across Andys ball bag. I am in control of you. I will do whatever I want to you. Andy begins to fail. The manual shock has knocked him down. Now it starts getting penalty shocks. Andy is digging himself a hole. The penalty shocks and manual shocks that Sasha is inflicting him make it harder to produce. Sasha is pissed. She will shock Andys balls as much as she wants! Andy calls her a bitch! I am a bitch really Andy? She shocks him again. The lab assistant comes in and interrupts Sasha. Sasha acts like nothing is wrong. We all love Andy! He is the best! Andy tries to tell the lab assistant about the abuse but Sasha hushes him. Once the lab assistant leaves Sasha punishes him with several full force manual shocks across his scrotum. IF you ever ty and ask for help again you are really going to get it! The shift continues. Andy is too exhausted to produce. The manual shocks continue from Sasha. You are going to learn your place. Sasha shocks Andy again with the full force manual shocks. The penalty shocks from the male exhaustion continue in-between Sashas manual full force shocks. The lab assistant then enters with bad news for Andy. Andys production is way down. Its production is down because Sashas constant manual shocks. Andy will be turned into a toilet now. Well we did everything we could didnt we Andy? Sasha cant wait to use Andy as a toilet tomorrow morning. Next the very painful end of shift begins. The assistant presses the button which begins the very cruel and painful end of shift routine. The cow is prepared for chastity by increasing electric shocks or burns. Sasha looks on coldly while Andy has its erection painfully removed. Sasha loves end of shift. The girls chit chat while Andy has his erection removed. Andy begs for it to stop. The girls ignore his pleas. Andy must be returned to chastity. His erection must be removed. This clip shows how an evil teaser can sabotage a cows shift and send it into toilet slavery.

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Brat Princess - Forces Out Multiple Ruined Orgasms - Sasha Foxxx

Sasha has a tied up male to edge and ruin. Sasha expertly manipulates the slaves cock and ruins him over and over again. She will not be satisfied until she has forced out and ruined every orgasm for the slave. The slaves balls are forcibly milked of every drop but is never allowed a satisfying orgasm. They are all ruined.

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BratPrincess - Restrained Handjob with Ball Punching - Alexa Rydell

Alexa straps a piggie to the weight bench. She teases the piggie and makes it get hard while slapping its balls. The harder piggie gets, the more ball abuse Alexa dishes out. Slapping turns into harder hits. Alexa pumps the cock in one while punching with the other. Piggie lets out a few grunts. Alexa runs her fingernails along the length of the shaft. She pokes and digs her finger into its balls before delivering a flurry of punches. All the while piggie stays hard from Alexas steady stroking. Piggie cums while Alexa punches its balls. Cum flies out with the force from the punches.

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